Orange Conf 2015 Recap & Lessons


Orange Conference Recap & Take Aways

OC15 is in the books for another year and I leave with a heart full of joy and peace and a head filled with determination and dreams.  This year was different for me as I brought my new Lead Pastor and two volunteer team members with me.  I’ve always for the most part come by myself and served on the blogging team and reconnected with ministry friends.

I was so pumped for this year as I have realized just how important it is to have a TEAM strategy and to have it anchored by the Lead Pastor.  I am grateful to Reggie and the Rethink Group team for adding the Senior Leaders Track, so that my pastor would feel like there was truly something for him.

I go to watch him gain a greater vision for family ministry and how the Orange strategy can interlink with our churches mission and vision.  I can’t wait to see what God will do as we begin to pray through how to bring forward the lessons learned here.

What did I take away from this year?

1. Who am I? and What breaks my heart? – A question that Andy Stanley hit us with.  stanley   It was a GREAT question, one that I will not answer here because I’m still letting God show me who I truly am in Him and, I want to know more of what truly breaks my heart and I need to seek His heart for that answer. I want what breaks his to break mine!


2) My greatest ministry grows out of necessity for a relationship with God and a dependence on God. – Jud Wilhite      

   This rattled my cage a bit. How much time do I spend seeking a deeper relationship with God? How much do I really focus on my dependence on God.  I think sometimes we get so caught up on doing things for God that we slip from feeling like we need God, and we are doing thing for God instead of doing them with him. If I want a great ministry I need to put more effort into leaning into my relationship with the Father and consistently declaring my dependency on him. 

These are just two of the major takeaways from today (Fridays) session and they are the freshest in my mind.

Impressions from OC15

* I love their attention to details. From great volunteers to the ease of registration, all the direction signs, text messages, instagram challenges, etc. Orange Conference pays attention to the details.

* I love the worship. I come and get blessed so much by those who lead us to worship our God. I really loved those moments this year when the band softened and the 7,000 strong lifted their voices as the instruments of praise!

* I love how the speakers and breakout presenters are so approachable! I had great opportunities to speak with Carey Neuhoff, Craig Jutilia, Sue Miller, Frank Bealer, and of course Jim Wideman! Each one was so willing to speak into my life and encourage me.

* My team now has a focus, we have a great mission to return home and make every Phase Count!

What were your lessons or take-away?


I welcome your comments and feedback!

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