How OC16 Can Change You and Your Team


Last year I was able to take my Lead Pastor and two of my volunteers to Orange Conference. It was an incredible experience for the four of us to not only bond as a team, but to grow as leaders. Our vision for what could be happening in our church grew 10x’s during those few days.

It changed me as a leader as now I have a Lead Pastor who get’s it and even better, he’s ALL IN! He has helped our church begin to embrace the Orange strategy and that is making a difference in our church and family ministry.

It changed my volunteers as they too have a greater vision for what is possible. They have moved from “renters” to owners in their ministry positions and that is paying big dividends for our entire team.

It changed us as a team and we are saying YES! way more often to the things God is doing in our children’s ministry.  I continue to pray that God will use the lessons from OC15 to continue to grow the kingdom where we are planted.

It can change you and your ministry like it changed ours: It opened up dialogue, it made us ask new questions, it connected us to other leaders who raise our levels of leadership.  It was awesome!

Will what happens in your church on Sunday matter in someone’s life on Monday? MONDAY is when reality hits. MONDAY is when Sunday is tested. MONDAY is when faith has to work. So WHAT IF what you do every Sunday could matter more if you remember what really matters to most people on Monday? We can’t wait to discuss this with you at The Orange Conference 2016. Registration opens October 8!

If you have questions about taking your team to OC16 post them here and I’ll be happy to answer them.

Hope to see you in Atlanta!!

If you want to see my thoughts about OC15, check out this post from last year!

I welcome your comments and feedback!

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