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When I first heard that Brother Jim Wideman was writing another book, I was excited to see what he would publish. I’ve enjoyed all of his other books and they have been incredibly helpful to me both personally and in my ministry. Tweetable Leadership is one of those books that I’ll refer to for a long time!

When someone recently asked me to describe it, I said. “It’s like proverbs for anyone studying leadership.” If you have spent any time with Bro. Jim, you know he’s full of both fun and wise sayings. I always have my notebook out when I am around him as I gain so many ideas and bits of wisdom from his conversations. Tweetable Leadership is a collection of some of his best bits of wisdom for leaders.  It is not a book that you will sit and read chapter by chapter but instead you’ll look at several “tweets” and then sit and ponder them for a while.

I have been a part of Infuse8, (for more on Infuse click this link) and currently am going through Infuse Plus, both of which are a leadership and growth mentoring program. What makes both of these experiences incredible is the fact that you get a great deal of time with Jim and his coaches who share some amazing ideas, wisdom, and encouragement to help you grow as a leader. As a leader grows, God will bless his ministry. #103″If God leads us in steps, why don’t we think in steps?”  As a leader, i used to think in giant leaps and would often wind up overwhelmed and my great dreams and intentions would still be just that, dreams and good intentions.  #192 “Some leaders could benefit from a things-not-t0-do list as well as a things-to-do-list.”

I highly recommend this book to any growing leader no matter how long you have been in ministry. You’ll laugh and you’ll even wince a time or two as some of this will hit you hard.

This book will give you some solid things to think about as a leader. It will help you evaluate yourself and those you desire to lead as well.

It is not a self help book that will give you all the “how-to’s” but it will give you questions to think about how to get things done and raise your leadership level.

If you have purchased the book, what is your favorite “TWEET?”

  • I purchased this book on my own and was not asked to provide a review but am doing so because I value wisdom and want others to gain it too.



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