It’s #OC16 WEEK!!!!

OC16_twittercov_v2Well, here we go! It’s Orange Conference Week! Gathering in ATL will be nearly 7,000 Preschool, Elementary, Middle School, High School, and Next Generation leaders! Oh and some amazing Senior Leaders will be gathering for a brand new ReThink Leadership Conference that partners with OC16

Why would you want to come and bring a team to OC16?

  1. You will ignite a vision within them to dream of excellence.  the ReThink Group strives to offer an excellent, amazing, and incredible learning experience. No matter if you lead or are a volunteer, you will be challenged to go home and bring excellence to your ministry.
  2. This is not about a curriculum, it’s about strategy!  Many people make a mistake in thinking this is about curriculum or only those who use Orange. It’s about developing a strategy to reach the homes and families who need Jesus. Does your team function with a strategy or are you winging it from week to week?
  3. Your team will hear new voices speak and challenge them to take small steps to become more effective in what they do on Sunday so that Monday-Saturday what they share with children will have a greater impact.

Monday’s are important and what you do on Sunday needs to mean something. It needs to challenge a child’s thinking about who God is? What does his Word say to me? and how can I live it out?

I can’t wait to get to Atlanta and engage as many people as I can, I truly believe “iron sharpens, iron.” (Prov. 27:17) and I want to sharpen my skills as a leader, as a servant of the King of Kings and I want to reach more people with the gospel.

If  you haven’t tried the Orange Conference, you should check out the live stream this year and then either get to an Orange Tour site or join us in ATL next year for OC17!

Here’s a link to the LiveStream!

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If you’re coming to the conference say hi! I’d love to connect with other leaders! You can follow my twitter feed for live blogging the breakouts and general sessions @ptbump

I welcome your comments and feedback!

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