Making the Most of #OC16

I’ve been to a few Orange Conferences now and each time I gain more insights into how to make the most of the time you have at an OC! Here are 3!

  1. Come ready to network.  Make the most of  the time before a session starts to look around you and connect with people. Introduce yourself and ask a question to learn about the people around you. You might just wind up doing a meal together or Skypeing after the conference.  You miss so much if you just sit in your chair staring at your phone.
  2. Prepare to take notes, but before the day is over take a few moments and write down 2 action items and add them to your t0-do list. Make a few notes or set a deadline to get them done.
  3. Embrace the experience! Soak it all in. Talk the companies or missions agencies, and learn about them. Don’t just walk by them and smile, interact, ask a question. It may not help you but it could be something that helps someone else. (Oh and they often have cool swag to give away!)

So three simple things to make the most of this year’s Orange Conf!


BONUS: Often times they have a fantastic gallery to walk through to listen to music, worship, meditate and just refresh yourself. Make some time to walk throug it!!

I’ll be looking for you at Orange, Stop me and say HI!

I welcome your comments and feedback!

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