Orange Conference 16 Expectations


Next week I will be taking some key leaders of our church down to the Orange Conference in Atlanta, I am so excited to also be serving on the blogging team again this year and so I hope you’ll follow this blog or my twitter feed (@ptbump) for live notes from breakouts and main sessions. I might even sneak in a periscope if the signal is strong enough.

OC16 is going to be amazing, how do I know? because it always is. the ReThink Group does an amazing job of making the experience for everyone who attends amazing. From the fun and easy registration to the super helpful volunteers everywhere. They know how to put on a mega-conference for sure.

I expect to hear from some amazing leaders who will challenge us to make sure our Sundays help prepare those we serve for Monday – Saturday.  That is what Sunday is all about right? to prepare those who we shepherd to do ministry Monday through Saturday and then get refreshed, renewed, and revived for the new week.

I expect to meet new people who will be fabulous resources in the future to learn from.  I try to take advantage of the break times, meal times, pre and post sessions to connect with people. I don’t go to OC16 to sleep, I go to network! So if you’re coming, I’d love for you to message me and let’s sit and chat for a few minutes!

I expect to grow as a leader and to have my heart challenged and stretched. I want to be pushed outside my comfort zone as a leader. I want to learn, grow and take my leadership to a higher level so I can help other do the same thing!

Lastly, I expect to leave for home with a greater vision of how Monday’s can be leveraged for the Kingdom, I have a greater sense of urgency than I’ve had as I see the world events moving faster to the end and the return of Christ. I believe as leaders we MUST take advantage of these days and not waste them.

Here’s a great post on Orange Leaders Blog about making the most of Social Media during #OC16

So I hope you’re coming and joining me and 7000+ of my closest friends in ATL!

If you are attending, what are your expectations?

I welcome your comments and feedback!

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