5 Things for Your Monday Morning Checklist


5 Things for Your Monday Checklist!

1. Evaluate Sunday-

Ask yourself, What went well and not so well this past weekend. It’s always better to do this while things are fresh. Stop and pray ask God for a realistic perspective.  We all know that sometimes when Sunday’s go bad, our perspectives can be negative. It won’t help your evaluation and growth as a ministry to start with a negative mindset.

2. Encourage Someone-

Take 5-10 minutes and send some text messages to a few on your team, letting them know you are thinking of them and how great they are. (you will definitely brighten their Monday!  If you prefer the handwritten sentiment, write a few postcards and drop them in the mail.

I also try to email or text a few parents letting them know that I will be praying for them this week! This is a win for them as they know someone has their back.

3. Set up your calendar-

Don’t let the urgent overrule your plan.  By setting up your calendar you can keep your priorities in place and when the urgent does arise you can handle it by readjusting or delegating other things to assist in what’s needed. If you don’t prepare for the week, you’ll lose it.

4. Long Range Planning-

What do you need to look ahead to? What needs calendaring?, What needs to be cleared with leadership? What do I need to break down into manageable steps and set dates on my calendar?  It’s important that we think these through in order to gain credibility with those we lead.  Jim Wideman taught  that if Jesus taught his disciples in steps, we should take steps to accomplish what he wants to do through us too.

5. What’s the best next?-

When you have your top priorities in mind and your setting up your week’s plan ask yourself, “what’s the best thing I can do next?”  Look at your to-do list and ask, what will accomplish my priorities and goals? What is the best thing that I can do today that will prepare for tomorrow?


If you’ll take a few minutes everyday or even better the evening before and walk through these 5 things you’ll find you can take on Monday with full confidence that you are ready!

What are some of the things you do to make your week productive?


I welcome your comments and feedback!

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