If Disney Ran Your Children’s Ministry- Book Review

I purchased this book for two reasons, one I enjoy Disney! and secondly, I have followed the work of all three of its authors and was very curious about what lessons they had learned from Disney that would help any children’s ministry make a greater impact for the Kingdom. (not the magic one!)

The book offers up 10 keys to help build a ministry I’ve always dreamed about.  A huge claim and I was a bit skeptical if they could deliver on such a promise. Bruce Barry, Justyn Smith, and Dale Hudson come from different backgrounds and have varying church experience or life experiences.

So what did the book offer? wow, I’m so glad you asked! On page 3 they hit us with this quote

Vision is looking beyond what is and seeing what can be.

The challenge in reading this book all the way through is to dream and begin to see what God sees in the potential of your ministry. What are you dreaming about?

The next chapters take the reader on an evaluative journey as each chapter concludes with some thought-provoking questions that will challenge how  you see your ministry and what you can do to make it reach people in a greater way. I enjoyed the flow of each chapter as each author took turns sharing their life/ministry experience and tied it together with stories and quotes from Disney and the way they do entertainment.  There is no doubt there is a great deal we can learn from those who have worked for Disney as well as just going to their parks and observing quality in action.

Smith, Barry, and Hudson, challenge you to look at your recruiting, facilities, programming, first impressions, etc through the lens of Disney standards and yet they made it fit for a church of any size and budget.

It has very practical and useful ideas that anyone can implement and see results in their team and ministry. the questions at each chapter’s end would make a great workbook that a team could think through as they work to improve what they do each weekend.

I really enjoyed this book and will be working through it with my team as it had me thinking deeply and looking differently at everything I do and how I can improve it.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to do their best for reaching people with the gospel. This book will challenge you to make it your top priority!


I welcome your comments and feedback!

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