Orange Conference 2017! Why YOU Should be there!!


Orange Conference 2017!! Have you been to Orange Conference yet? Do you love to learn? Do you love to bring your team together to dream, strategize, and carry out new ways of reaching the world you live in for Christ?

Than OC17 is where you need to be in April! It’s a gathering of over 6,000 people who love preschoolers, elementary and teenagers all in one location for a few days of learning, networking, and challenge. I have been to OC for several years and have brought some of my ministry team the last few times. It has been incredible to sit with them and experience learning from some of the best communicators about reaching the next generation.  My team has been challenged and encouraged to dream God-sized dreams for our ministry and to begin implementing a solid strategy to reach families and help them disciple their children.

Every time I attend OC, my heart and mind are pushed into thinking about ministry in ways, I have never considered before. This year the focus is on our neighborhoods!

If we are FOR THE GOSPEL, FOR THE CHURCH, and FOR THE NEXT GENERATION then we probably need to be FOR OUR NEIGHBORS! What would happen if the neighborhoods around your church suddenly decided, we are for our neighbors? We can’t wait to discuss this with you at The Orange Conference 2017.

Registration opens October 13! #ThinkOrange #OC17

Why not make plans to join me this year in Atlanta!  If you have been to Orange Conference what has been your favorite part?


I welcome your comments and feedback!

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