Orange Tour 2016 Highlights!

img_4641Orange Tour Detroit was awesome! Will change my kids Mondays!

I’ve been to Orange Tour’s before but this one has some really powerful insights that I believe will change how I lead my team to minister on Sundays so we can change some kids Monday-Friday!

Every time the ReThink Team launches a tour you can have high expectations going into it. I did have high expectations and I was not disappointed. They are a team who focus on all the details and I was so blessed and encourage by seeing the crowd of people especially younger people coming together and learning how we can make Monday’s so much more impactful for our kids and families.  It was hard to narrow down the quotes to a few.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes from OT16

*Jon Acuff:

We don’t have a Sunday Savior, we have an every-day God!      img_4629

You can be So Sunday Minded you are no Monday Good!
 On Sunday grace is expected, on Monday Grace is a surprise.
From His how to Crush your Goals breakout:
Progress you don’t measure doesn’t exist!
Later Goals turn into Never Goals!
For his notes click here: For a pdf 
*Reggie Joiner:
Love doesn’t compromise the truth! 
We are called to empathize to show them we are safe, trustworthy, ready to listen and value so they can know Truth.  Let us be the kind of mindset that helps kids run to us instead of away from us. 
If you want to influence a kids everyday faith, then start thinking about their everyday world.
It’s not what you believe that prevents your church is not growing, it’s not growing because you are not changing what you need to cause it to grow.
Strategy matters more than you think– Mission and vision are important, but what will determine your success, but Strategy is even more important than both.
Dan Scott-
img_4646Spiritual growth isn’t measured with a test.
Spiritual growth is about a relationship.
Authentic Faith, Trusting Jesus in a way that transforms how I love God, myself, and the rest of the world.
If you’d like to see all my notes (some unedited) from Orange Tour Detroit, you can find them here:
What were your takeaways?

I welcome your comments and feedback!

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