Who’s following You?

“Success without a successor is a failure.” – John Maxwell

In John chapter 21, we see dialogue between Jesus and Peter and in fact, we see that Jesus had obviously spent some significant time with him before returning to heaven. Why? because Jesus, was raising up a new leader, a new point man to lead the disciples and to further communicate, to the current church that we too must raise up new spiritual leaders.

Often times we see large ministries built around one person or personality, and then when that person leaves the ministry nose-dived. That is biblically wrong!  If a leader is following Christ, then they should model what Christ modeled when it comes to those who follow behind.

What steps are you taking to replace yourself?

As a leader, you should be thinking now about who you can have some significant time with and invest in them both as a believer and as a leader.  Do you have a plan to replace yourself?  You may be saying, “I serve in a small ministry and it’s only me doing everything!” Well, what are you going to do to change that? what steps can you take today to change tomorrow?  Do you have a prospect list? Are you talking to the Father about your need?

I challenge you to find one or two people who are faithful with a few things and give them a little more. Take them with you as you plan, prepare and do the ministry.  I made the mistake in the past of thinking no one wanted to join me or no one had as much time to give as I did.  I didn’t have a legacy plan.

A few steps to change your legacy:

Take 10 minutes and make a simple list of people who have leadership potential.

Pray over this list.

Ask the first person on your list to do something that you are doing. (show them how to do it, then do it together, then let them do it and you observe them doing it.)

Evaluate with them and help them improve.

Give that task completely to them and let them own it.

Give them something bigger!

Success without a successor is a failure!!


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