A Kidmin Conf. Designed for YOU!

A Kidmin Conf. Designed for YOU!

I’m super excited for Feb 20-23, 2017! WHY? I’m so glad you asked! CM CONNECT Conference is a gathering where Kidmin leaders CRASH together. (a Crash is a group of Rhino’s, you’ll have to come to find out why this is so important)

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CM Conference is a real, authentic 3-year-old conference that I really wished more leaders would attend. It is not pushed by any publisher, curriculum, strategy or group. CMCon, for short designed by leaders for leaders and is set up to allow for worship, dialogue, discussion, problem-solving and best of all connections.

If you are serving in Kidmin or really anyplace in the church you really should give this conference a look. It is REALLY affordable, in fact, this is a conference that is insanely generous by offering scholarships to anyone in need.

“Thanks to CM Conference I’m offering 2 Tickets to give away! Drawing will be for people who comment on this blog! You must comment by Jan 15!”

What sets this apart from others, and I’m not putting any conferences down, they all have amazing things to offer, but I love this one for the reason that its done by Kidmin for Kidmin. The team at CM Connect has assembled speakers who live and breathe for the church. They even lead in small churches, which is rare when it comes to conferences. Most of the time you have people who work with publishers or mega-churches and that’s not bad but, that’s not what this conference is about.

If you need refreshment, real answers, practical solutions and connections with people who serve in churches like yours, I highly recommend you come check out this conference. Bring your team too!!  If you have questions post them here or if you’d like to enter the free giveaway leave a comment and I’ll draw a winner from those who comment.

What do  you look for in a conference?

I welcome your comments and feedback!

14 thoughts on “A Kidmin Conf. Designed for YOU!”

    1. Thanks for entering. Just to be clear it’s two tickets I’m giving away one per person I am also able to give some discounts to those who comment and are not picked.

  1. I think that one of the things I look for in a conference is practical application and on hands activities to help you put in to practice things that are shared. There is a ton of information but I think what many need is practical application. How do you implement and carry out the things that God is leading us to do. Many of us are volunteers and may not have the time or resources to purchase a persons book, coaching or program to get the practical application and help we need.

  2. I would LOVE to attend the CM Connect Conference! I was listening to the Kids Ministry Collective podcast yesterday and it was refreshing to hear from Kidman of small churches. So many podcast and resources are geared towards large churches and it’s difficult to apply the same tips and ideas to the few.

  3. I have been to a number of Children’s Ministries conferences, however not this one! It sounds great! Thanks for offering the chance to win!

  4. I don’t need the ticket, so please don’t put me in the drawing. But this year is going to be my first year coming to this conference and I am so looking forward to it. I have been praying about this conference for a long time and I am looking forward to seeing the outpouring of God through His servants at this conference!

  5. When I attend a conference I am looking to see what I can learn that will take me to the next level as a leader. I am a very driven person who is constantly looking to see how I can better myself, challenge my team and bring about excellence to the ministry. A good conference will point you in these directions and help you understand what God’s plan is for you in reaching children and families. I enjoy the BIG takeaways and the SMALL tidbits. Much can be learned in the small things. Anything I can bring back that will get us further down the road is worth my time and energy to pursue.

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