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I’ll be spending most of the week with a great group of Kidmin leaders and I have two awesome tasks: 1 I get the honor of leading the Blogging/Social Media team and I also will be presenting two breakouts.  If you’re coming to the conference I encourage you to come and say hello and to follow myself and my fellow bloggers as we do our best to post notes from breakouts, and general sessions. This conference is so different in purpose and focus from any other conference I’ve ever been to. (I’m not  bashing other conferences) I just believe this one does things that no one else does and I love it!

So Here are the bloggers/Social Media Team and how you can follow them

Tom Bump  Twitter:@ptbump                                                              FB:                                               FB:                                                                 Instagram:ptbump

Michael Chanley 
twitter : @michaelchanley
Snap: Michael Chanley

Bill Gunter
Twitter is @CommanderBill,  @smchurchkidmin, and @pbjkidzone

Corinne Noble:, twitter and instagram are kidmincorinne

Joe Malley: Twitter: @Joe_mally  Blog:   instagram: joemally

Christina Embree:  Facebook, use Refocus Ministry. For Twitter, @EmbreeChristina.            For website

Phillip Sexton– pastor, twitter: _phillipsexton, Instagram: pastor_phillip

Wayne Stocks: PERSONAL Website: Twitter @stocksohio Instagram

Ministry: Website: Twitter @hope4hurtkids Instagram

Be sure to follow the #CMConnect for updates and notes too!

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I welcome your comments and feedback!

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