Divine Directions

I had the great privilege to be a part of a launch team for a fantastic new book called, “Divine Direction, 7 decisions that will change your life.” by Craig Groeschel.  I received and an advanced copy of his book in exchange for an honest review.

My Review of Divine Direction:

We all face choices every day, large ones small ones, some that seem life changing and some that don’t seem to have any consequences at all. Every choice, as Groeschel points out is part of a greater story God is writing.

Start, Stop, Stay, Go, Serve, Connect, and Trust. These 7 points Pastor Craig walks through focusing the read on one thing, “What is it that God wants you to want?” By considering that one thing you can see a clearer end result to ones’ life and direction. By understanding, “Your best decision is the next one that will help you be the person God created you to be.” (p.28)

Divine Direction walks you through the 7 decisions that every person needs to consider as they think about the story of their lives and the impact it can have on others. Far to often we don’t own our choices or consider their consequences. This can change if you take a moment to consider just one decision. “Your decisions today, both big and small, determine the direction your life will take tomorrow.”

What direction are you heading with your life? What story is God wanting to write with it? consider your choice and start with this one, Get this book and work through it, pray it through and start making decisions that will have a greater impact for the Kingdom.


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