Dreaming Orange Dreams #OC17

I’m dreaming Orange dreams right now. Why Orange? Well, because God blessed me with an opportunity to join in with 7,000 leaders who serve the body of Christ in many different ways, we have Senior leaders, executive pastors, campus pastors, next generation/family pastors, high school, middle school and children’s (elementary, preschool) leaders from all over the country. Why do they gather in Atlanta for a few days? Because they believe that this next generation is vital to turning around our world. They believe that reaching ones neighborhood is vital to so many parts of our everyday life. This week, will be filled with worship, learning, networking, challenging our thinking and pushing our hearts to places that only God knows we need to be pushed to. I’m excited to serve as part of the blogging team and you can find a great group of writers all of them better than myself, to share what we are experiencing. You can find the list at you can follow on twitter #OC17 and there is a livestream you can follow too!

If your coming to OC17, I’d love to meet you. You can message me on twitter at @ptbump or comment on the blog and I’ll catch you. I’d love to sit and chat and exchange info.

Maybe your coming with a heavy heart and are looking for answer, a word or encouragement or just someone to listen and vent, look me up. I’ve been in ministry for 30 years and have seen a great many joys as sorrows and I’d be happy to listen. 

So Dream Orange dreams with me.

I welcome your comments and feedback!

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