Heading Home from #OC17

TOrange Conference 2017The time of conference is over and we return back to our homes to be ‘FOR’ our Neighbors. It was an amazing few days where the worship lifted up praise to Jesus and the speakers gave challenges and words for all of us to think and respond to.

The theme this year was a powerful one and I am so glad they began a deeper dialogue about how to engage and love our neighbors. For far too long the church has talked about being “on mission” and yet, as research has shown, the “Church” is not really growing in America. That broke my heart when I learned that that was truer now than even a few years ago.

We as leaders must do better of not just talking about showing up in people’s lives we MUST participate and get messy with our neighbors. What does that look like? To me: its serving our schools with no agenda except to love those who attend the schools in our neighborhood. It’s finding ways to be a part of the community events without asking them to come to our campus and participate programs. It’s listening to those in our community who often are not heard or cared for. Partnering with those who are already reaching out to our neighbors. So how will you start the party in your neighborhood? Who will you see and love?

For me, it’s my hope to be the kind of leader that demonstrates how this happens by doing it myself. I’m going to plan some steps to have a party with my neighbors, I have a nice fire pit in my backyard, time to get some hotdogs, smore’s and have a party! WHAT WILL YOU DO? Leave a comment and let me know, I’d love to learn what you’re thinking!

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