Orange Conference Day 1 Reflection & Highlights

Today was a day of learning called You-Lead. I have always loved what was known as a pre-conference and this is where you can really get some solid and challenging information. 

I started off my day with Frank Bealer @fbealer breakout on “A Year Long Next Gen Strategy for Parents.”  It was a great start to what will be an amazing couple of days.  Here are a couple of take-aways and Highlights:

*When the church changes how they see parents… it will change how parents see the church-

*The question is not, what are we doing for parents? But rather, what are we doing that is strategic?

*There are 5 ways to partner with parents:

  1. Celebrate major “milestones” together with them.
  2. Reactivate them around their felt need.
  3. Family dynamics Change, we need to figure out a way to show up and speak into the phase of life with them. We understand and help give them perspective and hope. 
  4. Help them find the rhythm for their family.
  5. Parents need to know they can show up and find a strategy for raising their kids. – especially as they get older.

So the take away is that we need to show up with families and help show them how to connect with their children in whatever phase they are in by helping parents know what is ahead in that phase and keep communicating with them to support and encourage them along the way. 

My other notes from the other breakouts will be shared here later in the week! So stay tuned.

As we entered the General session in the evening the energy was high and the worship was amazing. We were challenge by a great lineup of speakers who challenged us to be FOR OUR NEIGHBORS! 

What does that mean? 

It means to lean into those around us no matter whether or not they are like us and to see them as the way Jesus sees them. To help them know we value them as God’s creation and we must love them like he does. 

It finished with another home run challenge from Reggie Joiner who challenged us to party. yes, party! But to do it like Jesus did. 

How did Jesus do it? Well stay tuned to my blog and my notes from the session and it will make sense!

Who’s your neighbor? How will you show up in their lives so they will know the one who made them and gave his life for them?

I welcome your comments and feedback!

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