2018 How To Have Your Best Year Ever

I just finished reading Michael Hyatt’s “Your Best Year Ever” This book has some amazing and solid principles in it. For those who love to get organized, use to-do lists and calendars this book is perfect for you! But, what about those of us who are not natural planners or who break out in hives when we think about goal setting, calendar planning etc? Yes, this book is for you!

Hyatt’s approach is clear and practical and can be done by anyone regardless of your natural organizational skill set. You can set what he calls “SMARTER” goals and implement them into your life and ministry.

How can you have your best year ever? I’m glad you asked, Here’s the highlights and things I’ll be implementing into my life this year.
1) Change my beliefs- When I begin to feel overwhelmed or frustrated, I’ll be reframing my beliefs from obstacles to opportunities. I will not let negative thinking derail me from reaching the goals. By having an action plan in place that when a challenging thought comes up, I’ll re-frame it to a positive action, I am confident I’ll stay on track.
2) Writing my Goals Down- This year I’m being intentional about writing my goals down with some key action steps and placing them where I can consistently see them and evaluate where I am in completing those steps. As I Identify my SMARTER goals, it will free me up to focus on staying consistent. One thing that has always bogged me down is getting off my plan, this year, I have thought through some of the things that always get me off track and how to avoid them or what to do when they arise. (they will come for sure!)
3) Know My Why?- You need to know what you need to accomplish and WHY you need to accomplish it. This is important because when opposition comes your WHY will power you through. It will help you see past the obstacle and into your end goal which will provide more motivation to complete your goals.
4) Journey’s have many steps- “The great doesn’t happen through impulse alone, and is a succession of little things that are brought together.” – Vincent Van Gogh, from a letter to his brother Theo
You need to finally, set up your action steps in small, achievable steps that you evaluate, re-set, and celebrate as. you go along. If your journey isn’t fun and enjoyable you will give up and never reach the destination. When we set our goals and priorities, we need to figure out the simple steps on how to get there. I know this isn’t rocket science but It is important to follow through with and plan for.

**I really enjoyed this book as it’s clear, direct and very practical. Micheal Hyatt, has a gift for helping leaders get clarity and space to set a clear path to accomplishing great things. This book walks the reader through some clear steps and guides them to develop action plans for each step. If done, I believe many will accomplish amazing things and totally reach their goals. This will be a plan that can be done year after year. I believe I’m going to have my best year ever!

How can you have your best year ever? Schedule a day, pray, get into God’s word and then write down the plan he has for you. What are your steps for action? What are you going to do to have your best year ever??

*Full Disclosure* I received an advanced copy in exchange for a review of this book. I was asked to only give my honest opinion of this book and didn’t receive any compensation or talking points to post in my review. This is entirely my own opinion.

I welcome your comments and feedback!

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