Christmas Reflections

I’m sitting in my office, having just finished our family Christmas Eve service.  It is always a great time to share in laughter and song and some different ways to share the Christmas story. Tonight I was supposed to do a brand new magic trick. I got caught up in the fun of messing with… Continue Reading Christmas Reflections

Fight or Flee?

After finishing the Kids Ministry Collective radio program, I was thinking further about the last question posted by one of our guests. The question was, “what do you do if you don’t have support from the leadership in your church towards the kids ministry? What if they only view it as babysitting?” These questions are… Continue Reading Fight or Flee?

Dig the Ditches!

This morning I was reading in 2 Kings 3, the story of Elisha and how three kings came to him seeking help after they had lead their armies into a battle march of seven days straight. During that time they completely ran out of water. They had nothing left, nada, zip, zilch! Then like the… Continue Reading Dig the Ditches!

CM Leaders Conference 2012- Feinberg & Adams

Not they are not a lawfirm, but they are some super servants of God who took some time to share their hearts with us. Their job was to speak to the theme: DEVELOP!  Michael Chanley, pointed out that Develop was all about the leader and ultimately about their relationship with their Creator. Each of these… Continue Reading CM Leaders Conference 2012- Feinberg & Adams

CM Leaders Conference 2012- Reflections Part 2

As I have taken a few days to soak up some of the many thoughts that were shared at CM Leaders, I cannot help but Thank God for Michael Chanley and his team at INCM. I’m thankful they had the courage to follow God’s leading and do this conference in a day where the kind… Continue Reading CM Leaders Conference 2012- Reflections Part 2

CM Leaders Conference 2012 Reflections

I had the privilege to go to the first ever CM Leaders Conference sponsored by the International Network of Children’s Ministries (INCM) This conference was totally focused on leadership. It was a topic that I was fascinated by and so I decided to make the trip to Columbus, Ohio and see what was going to… Continue Reading CM Leaders Conference 2012 Reflections

Leadership Lessons from the Trail

Hiking in Yosemite National Park, was again a highlight of my sabbatical. The amazing views and beauty is always breath taking and very refreshing to one’s spirit.  I love getting away and walking the trails and enjoying the sounds of nature. This year hiking with some fellow children’s pastor’s it was a life-adjusting experience.  I… Continue Reading Leadership Lessons from the Trail

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