2018 How To Have Your Best Year Ever

I just finished reading Michael Hyatt’s “Your Best Year Ever” This book has some amazing and solid principles in it. For those who love to get organized, use to-do lists and calendars this book is perfect for you! But, what about those of us who are not natural planners or who break out in hives… Continue Reading 2018 How To Have Your Best Year Ever

If Disney Ran Your Children’s Ministry- Book Review

I purchased this book for two reasons, one I enjoy Disney! and secondly, I have followed the work of all three of its authors and was very curious about what lessons they had learned from Disney that would help any children’s ministry make a greater impact for the Kingdom. (not the magic one!)

REVIEW: Rock-Solid Children’s Ministry-Larry Fowler

I just finished Larry’s newest book in his “Rock-Solid” series and after reading all three, this is his best work yet!  ( I do hope he has more for us!)

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