I’m Back… Did you miss me?

It’s been a while since I’ve been active on this blog. Not sure if anyone really missed me? But, I’m back and I’m refocusing this blog to be more about Kid’s Ministry, Leadership lessons, and information that I believe will help parents on their parenting/discipleship journey.

What I want/don’t want for my kids

Just recently I’ve  had discussions with others serving in children’s ministry and we were talking about the differences in generations as parents.  Growing up in the 70’s-80’s it seemed my parents wanted me to learn about my creativity, how to win and how to lose, to fail without getting hurt or hurting others. I learned… Continue Reading What I want/don’t want for my kids

The Power of a Word!

I have studied the book of Matthew one chapter a time for the past few weeks and what has struck me time and time again, during this study is the power of a word! Not just one word in particular, but the picture that is shown to us reading the scriptures.  Each encounter with Jesus… Continue Reading The Power of a Word!

Kids Ministry Collective- 1 Year Anniversary!!

It’s hard to believe that one year ago, God allowed Ron Brooks ( and I to come together with a dream of bringing the children’s ministry community together to help strengthen and encourage those who serve.  Both of us had always enjoyed networking with others in kids ministry  and  that love for networking blossomed into… Continue Reading Kids Ministry Collective- 1 Year Anniversary!!

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