Kidmin to Fammin! Helping Parents the right way!

So, There has been a great deal of  discussion in the cyber-world about what is/isn’t family ministry? There have also been many discussions on forums and on Facebook discussing the role of parents in the discipleship journey of a child. So is your head spinning? Mine has been.

All Mixed Up?

Last week while listening to Phil Vischer speak at the Kidzmatter web summit, he said something that really struck me. (I don’t have the perfect quote, like I said it hit me hard!) He said something like this, “in a perfect world, parents would be discipling their children, BUT who has taught them how to… Continue Reading All Mixed Up?

What I want/don’t want for my kids

Just recently I’ve  had discussions with others serving in children’s ministry and we were talking about the differences in generations as parents.  Growing up in the 70’s-80’s it seemed my parents wanted me to learn about my creativity, how to win and how to lose, to fail without getting hurt or hurting others. I learned… Continue Reading What I want/don’t want for my kids

Married People Project- Love & Respect

My wife and I have been married since 1987, As a young married couple, we committed to each other to love and respect each other. As we watch others who are married today we are surprised at just how often couples can really break that covenant with each other. I promised my wife that no… Continue Reading Married People Project- Love & Respect

Strong Marriages = Strong Families=Strong Churches!

In a day and age where Biblical marriage is under attack, I believe it’s time for the church to become totally proactive in helping parents stay together.  When marriages start falling apart in the church at the same or greater rates than the world, we should wake up and start doing something to stop it. … Continue Reading Strong Marriages = Strong Families=Strong Churches!

Parents Need Training

Parents need help! If you’re a parent, wouldn’t your journey be easier if someone had shown you the way to training your children? If you have had the opportunity to have a parenting mentor, I’m sure  you are already answering YES!

5 Tips for Dads

Hey Dads, Lately I’ve been thinking alot about my journey as a father. Some of it has to do with the “new normal” we are experiencing as a family with our oldest son leaving the nest.  I’ve spent the week with him to help him get settled into his new place as well as for… Continue Reading 5 Tips for Dads

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