It Just Got Real…

It Just Got Real…

Jan 2 and it just got real! All of us in ministry know the expectation of a New Year and with it the sense of a fresh start, a chance to renew or remake something wonderful in our ministries. Then Jan 2 comes and it gets real. You must now put into action what you’ve… Continue Reading It Just Got Real…

What’s on Your Bookshelf? It’s Orange Book Week!!

I love reading, just see my office and you’ll know it’s true! I have more books than I can count anymore but hey, “leaders are learners!” and I love to learn, I love to share what I learn and I love that #OrangeLeaders has those same desires for us! You will want to follow along… Continue Reading What’s on Your Bookshelf? It’s Orange Book Week!!

Kid Ministry Collective – Reboot

A few years ago, God gave me an opportunity to help encourage and equip other people who serve in children’s ministry. It started as a fun little Internet radio show that a good friend Wayne Stocks was leading. After being a guest on that program,  Wayne approached me about taking over the program as it… Continue Reading Kid Ministry Collective – Reboot

Volunteer Fatigue

I’m a football fan, I really love football! As I watched the end of the NFL season I found it very interesting to hear all the changes some of the teams were making. I live close to Cleveland and the Browns are one of those teams where major changes are happening….AGAIN! Over the past few… Continue Reading Volunteer Fatigue

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