AHA Awakening. Honesty. Action – Book Review

Kyle Idleman has written a very challenging read. Each of us is on a journey through life faced with many choices. God given choices, that we can either stop and listen to and consider or we can choose to ignore them and go on our way. But, at some point you will face a moment,… Continue Reading AHA Awakening. Honesty. Action – Book Review

How to be a Children’s Ministry MVP

I know many of those who lead children’s ministry often dream of having a whole team of MVP’s. Who wouldn’t? Who wouldn’t want a volunteer team that is perfect? Well I hate to burst your bubble, but that isn’t possible here on earth. BUT……..

I’m Quitting!!

OK, if your reading this I got your attention! I'm not really quitting ministry but I am changing my ways! There will be some things I quit doing in 2014 because I am resolved to impact our world for Jesus and I want you to join me.! Please read on!

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