Orange Tour- Session #2

Presented by Reggie Joiner- My rough and unedited notes. Reggie was great as usual in his presentation and sharing from his heart about Love over Time and just how important it is. He also covered how important creating community and how powerful it is over time.

Orange Tour- Recruiting Volunteers

This are the rough notes from the Breakout lead by Darren Kizer, (Scranton, PA) I really enjoyed this breakout as he helped me rethink some of the recruiting and equipping strategies I've had and to consider some new ideas that will help retain more volunteers on my teams.

Orange Tour – Lancaster Stop

Time Matters- Reggie Joiner These are my rough notes directly from the day. I have not proofed these. Hopefully I captured enough complet thoughts to make sense to you. It was an awesome day and some great material. If you have an Orange tour stop near you, I strongly encourage you to go. I'll post… Continue Reading Orange Tour – Lancaster Stop

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