KaBoom Ministries!

One thing that I absolutely love to do is help the body of Christ reach more children and their families with the Gospel.  It has always been one of my joys to enter into a partnership with kids workers or a church to help provide encouragement and training. Having 25 years of experience in various church sizes and ministries provides me the knowledge to help almost anyone.

It would be my honor to assist you in providing consulting, coaching and/or training for both you and your team.

Some of the Teacher Training topics that can be shared with your team.

1) From Chaos to Control – Steps to making positive discipline a reality.

2) Creative Teaching Techniques- How to take a story and make it a lesson

3) Object Lessons with Impact! – How to take simple objects and create a memory.

4) Proper Bible Lesson Preparation- How to take any curriculum and make it Rock!

5) From Traditional to Contemporary – How to move from Sunday School to Small Groups for Kids!

 “PT Kaboom captivated young and old as he shared the Gospel in a unique and entertaining way. People were talking about it for weeks afterward. Visit his web site by clicking on the images below and consider booking him for your Awana registration night, open house, family event, large group time, or any number of other events.  If I had a “seal of approval”, he’d be Commander Bill recommended and approved for your ministry.”  – “Commander Bill” aka Bill Gunter,


These would include an agreed amount of phone conversations, site visits, and making use of Skype or Live Meeting to cover material that would provide some positive steps to improving a ministry.

Topics Covered:

Goals & Vision

Team Building


Policy & Procedures



National Center for Biblical Parenting Presenter   

I now present a live seminar (see link below) entitled- Parenting is Heart Work  it is based off of the work of Dr. Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller. It is a fantastic parenting seminar that is based on the heart based approach rather than behavior modification.

Live Parenting Seminar

Beginning in October 2013, We will be offering to churches of all sizes a fantastic 4hr. seminar that will be a great opportunity to not only help your parents but also serve as a great outreach. You can request me as the presenter, as well.  If the initial commitment is too great for your church, please contact me as I can customize a package that will allow you to do the seminar without the basic minimum participant.

Everything will be customized to fit your situation.  We can work with your current plans or develop new items.

*Fees are negotiable and it is never my desire to make this out of reach for anyone. My first priority is to build the kingdom!*


Let me know how I can serve you.