Elevation Coaching Group

The Elevation Coaching Group

The Elevation Coaching Group offers coaching for the following

  • Ministry/Leadership Coaching-
    • If you desire to take your ministry or leadership to the next level, we offer totally customized coaching to help you and your ministry team reach new heights.
  • Life Coaching-
    • Does your life need some direction? Lack knowledge of how to get to the top of your dreams? Let us help you figure out how your “wired” and how you can reach your goals.
  • Pre-Marriage/Marriage Coaching-
    • If you’re considering Marriage or have been marriaged we offer some fantastic assement tools to help set you up for greater fulfillment in marriage and help divorce proof your relationship.
  • Parent Coaching-
    • Through the National Center for Biblical Parenting we offer 8 weeks of Parent coaching that will help address the heart of a child and help them learn to follow the parents heart.


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