Parents Need Training

Parents need help! If you’re a parent, wouldn’t your journey be easier if someone had shown you the way to training your children? If you have had the opportunity to have a parenting mentor, I’m sure  you are already answering YES!

5 Tips for Dads

Hey Dads, Lately I’ve been thinking alot about my journey as a father. Some of it has to do with the “new normal” we are experiencing as a family with our oldest son leaving the nest.  I’ve spent the week with him to help him get settled into his new place as well as for… Continue Reading 5 Tips for Dads

KaBoom Ministries taking its first steps

For some time I have sought God’s next ministry for me. I love being a children’s pastor and love serving in the local church. I am still open to that door if God so chooses to open a door to me.  Until that door opens I believe God has led me to begin a ministry… Continue Reading KaBoom Ministries taking its first steps

Summer of Fun!

This summer God has been opening many doors for me to speak at various camps. From Indiana to New York, I’ve had the privilege of speaking God’s word to many campers. This week I happen to be at Niagara Bible Conference & Camp up in Appleton, New York. The camp is located right on the… Continue Reading Summer of Fun!

Summer Time Blues?

Often times children’s pastor’s get the summer time blues because as soon as school lets out, people disappear!  Nothing is more heartbreaking that to see all that momentum that you were building suddenly, groan to a slow rumble. Why does this have to happen? Do we contribute to it? Can we prevent it or do… Continue Reading Summer Time Blues?

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