PT KaBoom!


This is the page if you would like PT KaBoom! or PT The Magic Man to come and entertain at your church function or Birthday Party!

PT KaBoom!


He is a scientifical, (yes, I said scientifical!) goofball that loves to help kids explore the science. He can come to your church or birthday and explore the fun and magic of science and share just how amazing God created each one of us!

Check out this video: This was PT KaBoom! teaching at an object lesson workshop at the Engage Conference!

Here are some more images of PT Kaboom! in action:

“PT Kaboom captivated young and old as he shared the Gospel in a unique and entertaining way. People were talking about it for weeks afterward. Visit his web site by clicking on the images below and consider booking him for your Awana registration night, open house, family event, large group time, or any number of other events.  If I had a “seal of approval”, he’d be Commander Bill recommended and approved for your ministry.”  –

“Commander Bill” aka Bill Gunter


[Pastor Tom Bump] PT KaBoom!
I highly recommend Tom Bump not only as a nutty and creative teacher of kids, but as a thoughtful and intentional minister and trainer of adults as well. I’ve been blessed to know him as a friend as well as ministry colleague for many years, and have grown to appreciate his heart for God, kids and his integrity when it comes to how he teaches and serves in the local church. Whether you are looking for a teacher, a trainer… or a friend, you’ll be glad you “Bumped” into Tom!

Karl Bastian aka “The Kidologist”


PT The Magic Man

PT has a great time with entertaining in a magical way! He can come and present a fun program for your kids and families that will leave them laughing and thinking about the positive message that is shared during the programs.


Contact Us

Rates are reasonable and can be flexible.  (SEE RATES PAGE FOR DETAILS)  Please contact Tom using the form below to set up a program.


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