Programs and Rates

It is my desire first and foremost to serve the kingdom and I do believe that God takes care of his servants.

I also am a father and husband and must take care of my family. What I ask is that we come to a fair agreement of a rate for the program you desire.

What I list here are my suggested rates based on advice from others who do similar ministry/programs.

Birthday Party: Normally 30 Minutes with a special gift for the birthday child.

For up to 12 children – $100
For 12+ children = $150 and up*

Church Programs: Normally a 30-45 minute program
* Please contact me using the contact form and we’ll discuss what you want for your program and I will custom design the program and set the rate with you. It is always my desire to work as much as possible within your budget.

Here’s an example of a program: Every program is different and customized to your churches budget and theme.

Volunteer Training/Encouragement: $250 for 1hr. sessions * $150 can be done via Skype

* Special rates for a 3-4 Topic seminar, contact for specific rate.

Family Fun Night:  $300 for a 1 hr program, $350 for a 1 1/2 hr program

Children’s Camps: Contact Tom directly for rate.

Consulting with Churches:  $250 for the first hour plus mileage unless otherwise agreed.

Coaching with Kids Pastor: Contact Tom directly as he will handle each need on an individual basis.

Again, Tom will work with you directly to work within your budget.  Should you refer Tom to someone else and they book him for a program you will receive a 10% discount on your next booking.


Please use the contact form below for all inquiries or email


I welcome your comments and feedback!

2 thoughts on “Programs and Rates”

  1. would be interested in you coming to do a 45 min “show/presentation” at our annual FREE Wild West Fall Fest family fun event for our church body and community. usually have at least 300 in attendance. At this event, we have games/prizes, food, horse rides, entertainment, bounce house, tractor barrel rides, door prizes, car show, llamas, etc. for the entire family to enjoy. We are located at 730 Menges Mills Road, Spring Grove, PA 17362. October 26 – at 3:45 pm until 4:30 pm? How much would that cost?

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