Pastor Thomas (Tom) Bump

Chagrin Falls, OH 44022

 (717) 574-9564 (C)

It is my life’s goal: “to unleash single-minded, Christ Centered,

Biblically anchored, world changers.”


Thanks so much for taking the time to look over my resume. It is our family’s prayer that we serve God in a local Church ministry.

I have spent my life serving God in various positions and ministries. Each one has had its challenges and God has used us to help each one through the various challenges and struggles. God has blessed our ministry by seeing many souls saved and I am humbled that we continue to see fruit from our former ministries.

There are great things for the Church when families are built up and encouraged and that can happen through strong children’s and youth ministry. I believe I offer the experience to help a local church strengthen its ministry to parents and families. I have come to love the Orange Strategy as well as the principles often referred to as the Legacy Milestones. These two strategies have given me a solid foundation to work from over the years.

In my 25 years of experience with youth and children’s ministries, teacher training, preaching, and working with families, I have come to the conclusion that this generation has great potential if they will turn their hearts towards Christ and follow Him with a passion.

It is now my passion to assist the local church through the preaching of God’s word and sharing the vision of how God intended families to grow and serve God together.

I have ministered at camps, youth rallies, and conferences. I am a people person who loves to work with others and feel that I have many life lessons to share with others. I would love to find a position that would allow me to use this life experience to encourage and challenge others. I love to preach God’s Word and enjoy all age groups.

Building for Eternity,

Pastor Tom Bump


Professional Experience

Dec. 2013 – Present Fellowship Bible Church- Children’s Pastor

2006-2013 Country & Town Baptist Church – Children’s Pastor

  • I have overseen a complete remodel of the children’s area as well as the development of children’s ministry mission statements, policy manuals, and security protocols.
  •  Developed and implemented three new programs to replace non-effective programs.  AWANA, Xtreme Journey (Kids Worship) on Sunday mornings for K-5th grades, and a Sunday evening missions programs.
  • I began a regular teacher training, a leadership team consisting of leaders of each of the main children’s ministries.
  • We have begun to focus on more activities and programs that would bring families together for learning and fun.
  • We are currently in the process to develop the basics of an overall family ministry to help equip the parents of children so that they can be more effective in their role as spiritual leaders of their families.
  • I have lead the outreach ministries such as Trunk or Treat, Easter Egg hunts, and other acts of kindness.
  • It has been my privilege to lead 50 children to the Lord as well as baptize 12.

2005  Camp Speaker

  • Lincoln Lake Baptist Youth Camp, Gowen, Michigan
  • Lake Ann Camp, Lake Ann, Michigan
  • Del-Mar-Va Camp- Mercersburg, Pennsylvania

 Modular Home Sales

Sold manufactured homes, customer service. 

First Baptist of Freemont, MI- Interim Youth Pastor

  • I filled in for about 6 months as the church was in transition and searching for both a Senior Pastor as well as a Youth Pastor.
  • I taught Sunday school and Wednesday night Jr. & Sr. High classes.
  • I lead several discipleship trainings and regular youth activities.

2001-2004  First Baptist of Howard City, MI – Associate Pastor of Youth and Children

  • I have lead worship, preached regularly and lead committees.
  • I also oversaw the development of regular outreach ministries.
  • I lead both Jr. and Sr. High youth ministries and saw the growth from 20 youth to over 60 in regular attendance.
  • We developed regular volunteer trainings, leadership development and strengthened the youth leadership team.
  • I began to have regular discipleship meetings with several young men to develop their leadership skills as well as their desire to pursue full time ministry.
  • I had regular campus ministry activities and was involved in coaching in the track and soccer programs.
  • I also played a major role in the reorganization of the children’s programs of the church. This included the development of a volunteer screening and child protection program.
  • Lead Vacation Bible School programs
  • Lead several mission trips where we conducted VBS for smaller churches.
  • Lead many service projects, outreaches, and fun activities for youth.
  • During my time here, I also conducted several weddings, funerals, and led the Church for a time following the resignation of the Senior Pastor.

 1998-2001 First Baptist of St. Clair, MI – Associate Pastor of Youth and Children

  • I entered this church knowing that there had been some turmoil. I also believed with all my heart that God would use my family and me to help bring healing.
  • I do believe that God used us to help move this church forward during a difficult time.
  • I oversaw the children and youth ministries and helped bring growth and new families to the church. I developed a new mid-week program for children up through 6th grade as the church had discontinued AWANA. The program grew and is still in use today.
  • I lead the youth program on Sundays, and Wednesday nights.
  • I lead the group on two mission’s trips to smaller churches and conducted VBS and other outreaches on their behalf.
  • I had opportunity to preach regularly
  • After the dismissal of the Senior Pastor, I filled pulpit for about 6 months.

 1994-1998 Child Evangelism Fellowship- Local Director

  • I had oversight of three counties on the eastern side of Michigan.
  • It was my privilege to see significant growth in the local ministry so that it became stronger fiscally as well as a more effective ministry.   
  • I was responsible for teacher training, outreach programs, and other leadership development for the local area and state ministry.
  • I developed a training program for the entire state ministry called Summer Missionary Assistant (SMA) this program is now used by many other states.

1993-1994  Chapel Hill Cemetery- Salesman

                   First Baptist of Leslie– Volunteer Youth Pastor

1990-1993  Whippoorwill Community Church – Youth Pastor

1987-1990  Child Evangelism Fellowship – Local Director



  • Licensed for Ministry by Griswold St. Baptist – Pastor Dan Stewart, Port Huron Michigan
  • Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary, Lynchburg, Virginia, 2011-2013
    • M.A.R. – Pastoral Counseling
  • Grace College, Winona Lake, Indiana, 1987-1991
    • B.A. Biblical Studies
  • CEF Leadership Training Institute, Warrenton, Missouri, 1987
    • Diploma
  • Webberville High School, Webberville, Michigan, 1986
    • Diploma

Hobbies and Interests

I love to camp, hike, bike ride, play golf.

I also enjoy gospel magic, object lessons, puppets.

I am a fan of many sports.

I love to play paintball, lazertag, disc golf and many other games. 

My Personal Ministry Values:

I value the Bible – it is authoritative and sufficient for all of life

  • Therefore, it will be a part of my daily life (through reading, meditation, study, memorization, teaching, etc.)
  • Therefore, I will seek to encourage God’s people to make His Word a regular part of their day as well.

I value people – relationships are the stuff life is made of.

  • I will seek to reach those in my circle of influence with Christ
  • I will seek to invest myself in a few people – Mentor
  • I will seek to lead a small group of people – Shepherd
  • I will seek to teach/train the large group of people to do, within their gifting, the first two. – Equip

I value family – family is one the best venues for discipleship and character development to take place.

  • I will seek to invest myself in my wife and children.
  • I will seek to structure my personal life so that I can give my family the energy they need from me to develop and grow.
  • I will seek to “free people up” in the church so they can invest themselves in their spouses and children in the same way.
  • I will seek to structure the church overall so families are grown.

I value worship – I must experience God and know Him for fully every day

  • God’s people must know His heart, His mind, and His character. -Jeremiah 9:23-24
  • I will seek to teach people how to worship God privately and corporately.
  • I will prepare myself in every facet of my life so that I lead people passionately and purposefully into the presence of God on a regular basis.

I value prayer – I must express dependence on God throughout my day

  • I will spend time in prayer with my family and by myself.
  • I will encourage public and private prayer in the corporate assembly.
  • I will encourage prayer whenever Christians get together.



[Pastor Tom Bump] PT KaBoom!
I highly recommend Tom Bump not only as a nutty and creative teacher of kids, but as a thoughtful and intentional minister and trainer of adults as well. I’ve been blessed to know him as a friend as well as ministry colleague for many years, and have grown to appreciate his heart for God, kids and his integrity when it comes to how he teaches and serves in the local church. Whether you are looking for a teacher, a trainer… or a friend, you’ll be glad you “Bumped” into Tom!

Karl Bastian aka “The Kidologist”